Picture of ZFL Firm dog Lily


Lily runs the world. No, really. After graduating Summa Cum Pawde, she became our Director of Paw-perations and now oversees Saturday Strategy Sessions. She keeps an eye on productivity (aka how quickly we can finish and give her treats). She runs a tight ship!

Picture of ZFL Firm dog Hannah


Hannah believes in licks and cuddles. Our Cuddle Coordinator, Hannah cannot control her licks! She always batts her long eyelashes and makes us all jealous. She’s not the brightest bulb in the box, but she’s the happiest little pup you’ve ever seen!

Picture of ZFL Firm dog Wednesday


As Toy Durability Analyst, Wednesday (yes, she is named after Wednesday Addams) is our quality control pup. She leaves no toy or legal strategy untested in her quest to find a toy that she cannot destroy.

Picture of ZFL Firm dog Lulu


Lulu is our Chief Bellyrub Officer. Voted “Most Likely to Hog the Bed,” she tries (and usually succeeds!) to use her deep, soulful eyes to make us forget about snacks left on the table.

Picture of ZFL Firm dog Patrick


Patrick is our protector! He is super-snuggly until the UPS, Amazon, or mail person tries to cross our threshold!

Picture of ZFL Firm dog Cerberus


There is nothing Cerberus loves more than making sure our firm is working together toward our goals. In fact, being over a third Siberian Husky and over one-half different Shepherd breeds (Belgian Malinois, Australian Shepherd, and German Shepherd) means tackling obstacles together is in his genetic code, perfectly encapsulating Z Family Law's 7th Core Value - Teamwork. If he were an employee at ZFL, he would be scheduling frequent team meetings just so he could sleep underneath the conference table with everyone around him. He would ask for direct compensation for his efforts in the form of bully sticks, ear scratches, and cuddles (he likes to be the little spoon).

Picture of ZFL Firm dog Mabel


If her brother-from-another-mother, Cerberus, is the dog-version of ZFL's 7th Core Value, then it's safe to say Mabel is the representative of Z Family Law's 4th Core Value - Compassion. Mabel is a lover at her core and shows everyone the same level of love and compassion. Whether you're an opposing party, opposing counsel, or part of the Z Family Law Team, if she sees you she will want to make sure you are having a good day. She does this by snuggling into your neck and chortling sweet nothings into your ear, followed by falling asleep in your arms. Mabel's human mom hopes to get her certified as a therapy dog so that one day she may bestow her unprejudiced affection upon those who really need it.

Picture of ZFL Firm dog Livvy


As the Chief Pawficier of Naps, Livvy makes sure our team has a well balanced work-life relationship. Livvy will paw and whimper if she notices the work product is suffering. She reminds the team that they are taking care of themselves so we can take care of our Clients.

Picture of ZFL Firm dog Rocco


Rocco, our Minister of Zooms, is guaranteed to confront his own toots with the same ferocity that he confronts injustice. Like his human mom, he is a bit obsessed with cheese.


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