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Mediation is an effective choice for many people, as the trial process can be contentious and stressful. If you are able to communicate with your ex-partner, divorce mediation can help you work to resolve any points of disagreement.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) that is often used in the divorce process. The goal of mediation is to create an agreement that is fair to all parties. During a divorce case, this agreement is called a “Separation Agreement” and it must resolve all issues, including custody, division of assets, and spousal support.

Divorce mediation provides a safe environment for negotiation because the mediator can control and direct the communications. In this fashion, unproductive discussions can be avoided and concessions or proposals will be communicated only if they are likely to lead to a settlement. It works because it brings all necessary parties to the bargaining table where they can “realistically” evaluate their positions and safely explore settlement options.

What Does a Mediator Do?

Divorce mediation in Maryland is conducted by an impartial third-party, but he or she is not a judge and does not give legal advice to the parties. Rather, the divorce mediator is a trained professional who helps the parties reach solutions by facilitating discussion. In particular, they:

  • Help each party communicate what is important to them
  • Keep the discussions focused and non-combative
  • Help the parties identify areas of agreement, as well as outstanding issues
  • Help create a working relationship by fostering better communication between the parties

Benefits of Mediation

  • Tends to be less expensive than the litigation process
  • Avoids the stress and uncertainty of trial
  • Allows the parties to have greater control over the outcome of their case
  • Cases are often resolved more quickly when compared to traditional litigation
  • Takes place in a less formal setting compared with a trial in a courthouse

Mediation vs. Arbitration

Mediation is different from an arbitration in that the mediator does not render a decision. Instead, divorce mediation in Maryland allows the parties to make their own decisions and fashion their own settlement.

The mediator generally doesn’t make recommendations, but rather allows the parties to make their own decisions based on a realistic analysis of their case.

Is Divorce Mediation Right for Me?

The best approach for your family law matter depends on many factors. In a divorce, it may depend on the level of cooperation between the partners, the length of the marriage, and whether children are involved.

Why Choose Z Family for Divorce Mediation?

Every divorce is as unique as the parties splitting, and finding a lawyer with experience in the specifics of your case – be it custody disputes, property, or domestic violence – is key to setting up the New Beginning that fits your unique goals.

The clients who entrust us with their cases say it’s because of our warm camaraderie, no-nonsense approach that delivers results, and dedication to practicing family law ethically, gracefully, thoughtfully.

We exist to empower clients to achieve the best version of their next chapter, whether through divorce, child custody or child support, or prenup. A family law matter isn’t the end of your story – it’s the beginning of a new chapter where you can reinvent yourself.

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