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Even after a couple has made the decision that divorce is the right choice for them and their family, the process is still emotionally difficult. The best approach for your divorce depends on your circumstances, including the level of cooperation between the partners, the length of the marriage, and whether there are children involved.

Two Types of Divorce

There are two types of divorce: absolute and limited. To obtain either type of divorce, at least one legal basis or “ground” must be established. Some grounds require that a party prove their spouse committed misconduct in the marriage. These are called “fault” grounds. “No-fault” grounds do not require a showing of misconduct. For example, an absolute or limited divorce can be granted on the ground of a 12-month separation of the parties.

Absolute Divorce

There are 7 Grounds for Absolute Divorce in Maryland
  • Adultery
  • Desertion
  • Cruel treatment of party or child
  • Excessively vicious conduct
  • Incarceration or Conviction
  • Insanity
  • Separation of the parties for at least 12 months
  • Mutual consent

Limited Divorce

There are 4 grounds for Limited Divorce in Maryland
  • Separation of the parties for at least 12 months
  • Cruel treatment of party or child
  • Excessively vicious conduct
  • Desertion

A Unique Approach to Divorce in Maryland

What many people don’t know is that there are just as many ways to file for divorce as there are to marry. Mediation, arbitration, litigation, and a whole host of other methods that don’t have the literary upside of rhyming but are just as effective – there is even a divorce hotel … walk in married, walk out divorced!

Believe it or not, some couples are able to work out their divorce settlements all on their own by sitting around the kitchen table and working out an agreement. While this method can keep costs and drama down, it’s essential that both parties are fully aware of and involved with the family finances, that neither feels pressure to come to an agreement without legal guidance and are at a place where the emotional waters are calm.

Finding the Right Rockville, MD Divorce Attorney

The attorney who was the perfect fit for your neighbor, your sister, or your co-worker may not be right for you. And it may not just be a matter of personalities meshing: every divorce is as unique as the parties splitting, and finding a lawyer with experience in the specifics of your case – be it custody disputes, property, or domestic violence – is key to setting up the New Beginning that fits your unique goals.

Why Choose Z Family Law Firm?

The clients who entrust us with their cases say it’s because of our warm, caring approach that delivers results, and dedication to practicing family law ethically, gracefully, thoughtfully, and compassionately, even when the opposing side doesn’t.

We exist to empower clients to achieve the best version of their next chapter. A family law matter isn’t the end of your story – it’s the beginning of a new chapter where you can reinvent yourself.

It’s our goal to offer compassionate counsel through life’s unexpected challenges, and we strive to achieve it every day in every situation, every case, and every client.

Rockville MD Divorce Attorneys

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