Family Law Appeals Process

From the Lower Court to the Court of Appeals, We’ll Never Let You Walk Alone

Family Law Appeals Process

Z Family Law provides appellate services to its clients and other attorneys who need help appealing a trial court’s judgment in family law cases during the family law appeals process. We have the superior research skills and experience to effectively represent you to the higher Courts. We handle appeals related to complex issues such as jurisdictional challenges (pursuant to the UCCJEA), child custody and access, child support, spousal support, premarital or postmarital agreement, property division, attorneys fee awards and more.

Purpose of an Appeal

The purpose of an appeal is to ask a higher court to reverse the trial court’s decision. The appellate court will review the records and may hear oral arguments to determine if the trial judge made a legal error that affected the final decision. The appellate court will not accept new evidence or listen to new witnesses, as an appeal is not a re-trial of your case.


Timing is critical in an appeal. Many appeals have been tossed out or disregarded because a lawyer or appellant has failed to adhere to strict deadlines. As soon as you receive an adverse ruling, if an appeal is something you are considering, it is best to seek the advice of an appellate attorney immediately so they can advise you of the important deadlines to keep in mind.

There Are Two Important Factors to Keep in Mind

Why Choose Z Family Law as Your Family Law Appeals Process Lawyer?

The clients who entrust us with their cases say it’s because of our warm, caring approach that delivers results, and dedication to practicing family law ethically, gracefully, thoughtfully, and compassionately, even when the opposing side doesn’t.

We exist to empower clients to achieve the best version of their next chapter. A family law matter isn’t the end of your story – it’s the beginning of a new chapter where you can reinvent yourself.

It’s our goal to offer compassionate counsel through life’s unexpected challenges, and we strive to achieve it every day in every situation, every case, and every client.

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