Survive Then Thrive with a Logistical Strategist to Support You on Your Journey

Why a Divorce Coach

For anyone navigating a separation or divorce, there are countless logistical, legal and emotional choices to make on the path to a New Normal. At Z Family Law, we know that traveling this path with the help of an impartial, supportive guide can make the journey a little less bumpy.

First law firm in Maryland and DC to offer in-house Divorce Coaching

Z Family Law believes that supporting families through divorce means more than providing exceptional legal representation, because we know that divorce is more than the legal division of assets and dissolution of a marital contract. In order to holistically support people navigating divorce, separation, and custody disputes, we are proud to be the first law firm in Maryland and DC to offer an in-house Divorce Coach.

Feeling overwhelmed?

If you’re overwhelmed with the process of navigating divorce or separation, you may be thinking you don’t need yet another professional to add to the mix of attorneys, financial planners, and therapists offering guidance. However, clients who work with a Divorce Coach have more clarity on the process, and are better able to streamline the questions and concerns they have for their attorney. As a result, Divorce Coaching may save you time, impact the outcome of your case, and even save you money.  

A full overview of how Divorce Coaching may help you, including scenarios that outline how a Divorce Coach may save you time and money, is available here.

You do not have to be represented by Z Family Law in order to do Divorce Coaching at our firm.

Our goal is to support you through the process in a holistic way, regardless of the attorney you wish to work with.

Surviving divorce is, in and of itself, a tall order. Moving through the process in a way that sets you up to thrive on the other side can seem like an impossible dream. Divorce Coaching at Z Family Law will help keep you grounded in your core values and long-term goals. As a result, you’ll be better able to make choices that serve you in your quest for building an ideal future, not just getting to the other side of a settlement agreement.


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