Initial Case Assessment

Setting the Stage for What’s Ahead

Getting to Know You, Your Case and Your Vision for the Future

Because the work we do is deeply personal, we must get to know each other to ensure that hiring our Firm is the right fit for both of us. Our Initial Case Assessment is how Z Family Law does that. Beyond getting to know one another, the Initial Case Assessment is a $300 investment in creating the future that you desire.

Why Schedule An Initial Case Assessment?

Your first step to your new beginning is to find someone who will nurture it. Our first step is to sow the seeds of a relationship that we continue to cultivate throughout the legal process. For this reason, we designed our Initial Case Assessment to accomplish both, while also educating and empowering you.

During your assessment, we’ll get to know each other, while also learning more about your case and vision for the future. You’ll have opportunities to get answers to all of your questions and we’ll set expectations about what it looks like working together and defining outcomes for your legal matter.

What Can I Expect?

  • Initial Case Assessments are between 60 and 90 minutes and can be done in person, via phone, or on a video call.
  • You will meet with our Client Relationship Manager and a lawyer to identify goals for your legal representation and your life after your case is closed. Everything discussed is confidential and we listen closely, asking for clarification when needed.
  • While learning about your case, we give you an overview of the legal process, review your options, and answer your questions. Along with answers, we’ll offer an honest assessment of your chances for success and strategize with you about the best ways to move forward.
  • You’ll leave your case assessment with a better understanding of the road ahead and be well equipped to make important choices going forward.

How Much Does It Cost?

The case assessment cost of $300 is an investment in your future. This meeting is the first step in understanding your legal options and moving your family law case toward a positive conclusion.

How Can I Prepare?

As you get ready to meet with our team for your case assessment, take some time to start imagining the future you want for yourself and for your family. Not just right now or a year from now, but five or even ten years from now. Where do you want to live? Where do you want to work? What car do you want to drive? If you have children, where will they go to school and what will their relationship be with each of their parents? Our action plan will only be as good as the clear vision you provide.

Schedule Your Initial Case Assessment

To schedule your Initial Case Assessment, please enter your information into the form below. Once we receive your information, we’ll review it and call you back within 24 business hours.

What Happens After You Schedule Your Appointment?

After you’ve scheduled an appointment, you’ll receive:

  • A confirmation email
  • A list of things to know/do before your appointment
  • An intake form

We can only offer the best counsel if we have all the facts, so please read the emails and follow their instructions. The day before your appointment, we will email you a link to join the meeting.

The next important step is to take a deep breath and be sure to attend your initial case assessment. We know that family law matters are emotionally trying and sometimes it is very hard to take that first step of meeting with an attorney for a consultation. We get it!

In moments of great stress, it can provide a great sense of relief just to sweep something under the rug, not show up for the appointment, and keep on keeping on! But is that truly in alignment with what you want for your life? If you wake up 5 or 10 years from now never having acted on your problem, will you be happy with yourself? If the answer is “No, that is not what I want for my life,” let us help you. We will be waiting to guide you toward your new beginning.

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