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Two Kids Playing on Swing

How to Have a Successful Co-Parenting Relationship

No matter what stage in the process you find yourself, the messiest part of many break-ups can be communicating about the logistics surrounding raising your shared offspring. Almost undeniably, however, the logistics surrounding your kid’s “New Normal,” now and far into the future, is the most important topic to address with a level head with your former partner.

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What I Learned in My Summer as a Legal Intern

So what I have learned above all is that being good at your job takes more than being smart or having the best degree. It’s doing work that you love, and knowing that, if you work hard enough, you can change your little piece of the world.

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Megan Parlette, Legal Assistant at Z Family Law

Welcome Megan Parlette!

Megan Parlette Dear Friends of Z Family Law, LLC– It is with great joy and excitement that I have the privilege of formally welcoming Megan Parlette to Z Family Law as our firm’s first Legal Assistant. Colleagues and clients who have been with me prior to establishing Z Family Law

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