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Our best divorce advice goes in to the articles you can read here. Z Family Law practice supports our clients throughout the divorce process, from considering your options to changing your name and getting on with your new normal.

Our best divorce information depends on who you are and what you need. That’s why we’ve written about such diverse topics as what to bring to your consultation, how to keep your balance, and what happens to the family pet during the divorce process. All of which you can read here and now.

Person standing alongside military gear and American flag

What You Need To Know If You’re Getting Divorced In The Military

If you’ve landed on this post because you’re in the midst of navigating or contemplating getting a divorce while you or your spouse (or both!) are serving in the military, you may have been told that military divorce is even more challenging. Thankfully, there are great attorneys that have extensive experience working with military families, and you absolutely can find answers to even the most complicated questions.

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Can Private Facebook Messages Be Used in Court?

In general, anything— DMs, emails, text messages— that is not subject to privilege laws must be turned over if requested, and can be presented as evidence. This means that, in general, unless it’s something that you’ve written to your attorney, your pastor, or your doctor, you can be compelled to turn it over…

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Dr. Elizabeth Degi DuBois, PhD

Introduction to Divorce Coaching

A Divorce Coach will continually guide you back to your core values and long-term goals, helping you make choices that serve you in your quest for building an ideal future, not just getting to the other side of a settlement agreement.

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