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Lisa Schneider

"It is my goal to provide light and direction with the highest level of legal representation as you begin your new beginning."
Lisa Schneider Divorce Lawyer Legal Assistant

Meet Lisa Schneider

I wanted to offer you a warm welcome here. I’m Lisa, one of the legal assistants here at Z Family Law and I look forward to working with you.

Throughout my college career, I served as a Family Service Coordinator for The Arc of Prince George’s County. There, I supported families and their most vulnerable children – the infants that were born with birth defects and infants and children who had significant motor delays. I dedicated much of my time completing home visits to evaluate and offer services that would be helpful to the child and their families. Coordinating with various medical teams, school administrators, daycares and case managers played a critical role in my establishment of an Individualized Family Service Plan for each child. These IFSPs often turn into an IEP that serves the child throughout their entire educational journey. Through my time at The Arc, I witnessed the direct, heavy impact a ten-page document has on a child’s life.

Similar to creating Individual Family Service Plans, I am passionate as a divorce lawyer legal assistant about ensuring every possible detail is addressed when drafting custody and divorce orders. I am excited to dedicate my future to serving families through the development of custody and divorce orders all with the same goal: to set each child and family up for success long-term.

After graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Family Science, I found myself in a long-term career in the private country club sector. For the past decade, I have supported families through life changing events, including weddings, baby showers, bar mitzvahs, graduations, retirement, and even funeral receptions. I am always zealous to create the vision that each client has for their big day. While these events take well over a year to prepare for, such occasions are not just another day … they are life changing events that completely change the way your life looks and feels.

Marriages, childbirth, retirement, graduation and death are all a part of the natural stages of life, but the reality is more and more families also experience divorce and the dissolution of a household, myself included.

After personally experiencing such an event, I firmly believe that divorce should also be celebrated. While it is the ending of one chapter, divorce is a new beginning to an entirely new series. Divorce allows you the opportunity to reset and create the life you wanted instead of accepting the life you were living. It also provides the best outcomes for your children, the people that are the most important to all of us.

Z Family Law helps you build that positive foundation for your new beginning, and I could not have found a better firm that matches my personal philosophy. I am excited to serve as a legal assistant for Z Family Law as my new beginning in the legal field. I am eager to bring my customer service skills from the private country club industry and transfer them to a private, boutique law firm that truly cares about every client.

After being on an extensive adventure of my own, I am devoted to giving you the support you need through your unique adventure, whether it be an easy, short and shaded hike or an uneven obstacle course with fog, waterfalls and mountain climbing in 100 degree weather. I know what it is like to find yourself lost in the woods, wondering, “What next?”

Clients of Z Family Law receive not only the legal representation they deserve, but also a compassionate team consistently serving as the flashlight and compass in your backpack when you need it the most. It is my goal to provide light and direction with the highest level of legal representation as you begin your new beginning.

When I am not in the office or in court, you can find me on the baseball field, volleyball course, or golf course with my children. Now that I have crossed my own bridge, these days I am not afraid of any amount of fast rushing waters, and kayaking has become my favorite fulfilling adventure. Sometimes parenting can feel like you are paddling a boat with no oar, but your divorce and custody matters should not feel that way. As a divorce lawyer legal assistant at Z Family Law, I am here to do the paddling when you do not have the energy or strength to do so.

I am looking forward to assisting you as we cross this bridge together, one step at a time.


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