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"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all you did for my case. You’re so professional and on point in everything you do. You worked hard on my case and for that, I will be forever grateful to you. This case took years of my life, but having you as my attorney, I always felt secure. At the end, I got what I wanted and more and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for everything."
Child Custody Client
"I enjoyed working with the team and am happy with the outcome of my grandson's custody situation I've already recommended the firm to a friend who inquired about child custody lawyers."
Grandparent Custody Client
"For ten years I've been constantly lied to, given half truths and evasive answers by [my child's other parent] about how [they're] raising my child, and there's been literally nothing I can do about it. Today was the first time I've seen [them] have to answer questions with real answers...I just want to thank you...It is important that I feel supported...I felt supported today and it makes a difference. Thank you."
Child Custody Client
“Christy Zlatkus came into my life at the perfect time, and she guided me through the various obstacles that I encountered through divorce and [child] custody proceedings that lasted nearly two years. She was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, invaluable, and a pivotal force in starting this new and now positive chapter of my life. I’m grateful for her representation and would recommend her to any friends or family going through difficult times.”
Divorce and Custody Client
"I am so incredibly grateful for all of the hard work you have put into my case, in addition to being so personable and helpful when it came to the emotional aspect of it all. You’ve helped me through overcoming some awful trauma, and somehow have had an uncanny way of knowing and understanding exactly everything I feel and want as an outcome in this situation. I’ve already recommended your services to a few friends of mine and will continue to do so. I hope you are doing well - you are always in my thoughts! Keep up the great work."
Child Custody Client
"Christy's professionalism, fierce intelligence, dedication to her craft, and no BS way of walking me through what each step of the divorce process will look like has given me courage and strength to stand strong against a very toxic ex. My child and I have a brighter future thanks to her guidance.

I am especially grateful for her no-nonsense talk at the beginning, when she told me no sane person would attempt to perform surgery on themselves, and that trying to do my case with limited counsel to 'save' money would cost me loads more in the long run, as I would have to pay an attorney to fix mistakes I would make on my own. I am so grateful I took that advice, as well as all her other guidance.

I've been able to compartmentalize my ex's behavior, leaning into the mantra she gave me at the outset: 'Not my problem, talk to my attorney.' I am able to focus on forging a new life for myself, knowing that she's got my back and is looking out for my legal interests.

Over the past few months I've found myself repeating her insight as a personal affirmation: 'This will be the worst year of your life, but you can get through it.'

Thanks to her help, I am."
Divorce and Custody Client
"When I met Christy, I was overcome with anger. My emotions were at heights I’ve never experienced. This situation I was going through was one of disbelief, but in hindsight I find it difficult be shocked. It was an extremely painful experience.

However, as the custody battle forged forward, Christy understood and respected my views. Her leveled head and professionalism kept me and my emotions grounded. She understood the evident strong connection I had with my son and created her representation around it. She provided a platform for my voice to be clear and powerful in the courtroom.

Christy gets it. She listens. She’s articulate. She knows her craft. Her organization is out of this world. Alongside her paralegal, Megan, they were a formidable force. I’m glad they were on my side. Christy is passionate about serving her clients. She believes in fairness and she works hard on your behalf. She doesn’t deal with gimmicks or undermining or underhanded techniques to get the job done. She’s respectful of your time and your situation. She has a spirit about her that encourages you to uplift yourself even though you’re experiencing a difficult time.

When I first sat down with her, I was a raging wreck. Concluding our conversation, my immediate thought was...”Let me hurry up and get Ms. Christy her retainer!”

I didn’t understand how, but I left her office knowing that the odds where going to be in my favor. I consider Christy a vital representative of my family’s dynamic and one whom has my loyalty. I cannot say enough about Christy’s abilities to perform her craft or her as a person. It was by chance I stumbled upon her and I’m glad I did. I owe her an enormous amount of gratitude for what she’s done for me. Thank you Christy!"
Divorce and Custody Client
"Thank you for your expertise and attention on my post-nup agreement. I appreciate your advice and hard work as we worked on the details. I’m glad the ball is out of my court for a while now and will try to relax as I wait to see where things go from here. Thanks!"
Post-Nuptial Agreement Client
"I want to thank each of you for your professional support throughout this process. I know each of you added her part to make it as smooth as possible from start to finish. [Thank you] for your understanding and kindness which added immensely to the time and effort you put into my case! I appreciate it all and I'm glad it has come to a conclusion."
Divorce Client
"I think this is the first time I've ever felt really heard and like someone truly understands....Its been years. I cannot convey to you how much it means to me that you're working so hard on my case and clearly have taken the time to review YEARS of information I've provided. Thank you. It is exceptionally uplifting. I am beyond thrilled to have you and your entire office in my corner."
Custody Client

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