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Legal Assistant - Paralegal

The most important qualifications are that you: (1) understand the importance of delivering an incredible client experience, (2) have an excellent skill set for compiling and organizing information, (3) have a true passion for helping others through a difficult time in their lives; (4) profess a proficiency for problem-solving, and (5) work best in a team environment.

You are happy in fast-paced work environments, enjoy working in a team, and have an empathetic approach with clients.

If you see family law as an opportunity to help reimagine their new life, you will like the way we think.

About Z Family Law

We are a boutique family law firm in Rockville, Maryland that exists to empower our clients to achieve the best possible version of their next chapter, whether this is through obtaining a divorce, modifying a child custody agreement, drafting a prenuptial agreement, assisting with adoption, or modifying child support. It is the Firm’s stance that a divorce or family law matter is not the end of who you are but an opportunity to reinvent yourself and to dream a new dream. Divorce and family law matters are not the end of our clients’ stories, but merely the close of a chapter in their lives and the start of a new one.

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