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Our goal is to help you navigate the social, economic, logistical, and emotional parts of your family law matter so you can concentrate on your family, mental health, and career.

Helping You to Create Your New Beginning

Z Family Law exists to empower our clients to achieve the best possible version of their next chapter, whether this is through obtaining a divorce, modifying a child custody agreement, drafting a prenuptial agreement, assisting with adoption, or modifying child support. It is the Firm’s stance that a family law matter is not the end of who you are but an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Your legal matter isn’t the end of your story but merely the close of a chapter and the beginning of another.

Our Why

It is the Firm’s overarching goal to change how our society as a whole – and the Firm’s clients in particular – view family law, especially divorce. So many people feel stuck in miserable, even abusive relationships because of our culture’s negative narrative about divorce and single parenting. We are re-framing divorce and separation as a positive; as a starting point for you to build the life that you deserve. Our clients’ experiences show us that this is true.

Seeing the positive impact on our clients is the most rewarding part of the work that we do. Though our Rockville, MD family lawyers seek to create positive change in society as a whole, our work is not about us – it’s about the people we serve. Our clients feel supported throughout their time with our firm, and we make sure our clients conclude their proceedings with the resources they need to thrive – long after their time working with us has ended.

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