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Sukayna Moosavi

“From the get-go Z Family Law made it clear that taking care of their clients is one of very core tenets that their firm is built on and that is why I feel proud to work here.”
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Meet Sukayna Moosavi

We’ve heard it said that marriage is a gamble. However, in the East-Asian culture that I grew up in, it is one in which the cards were not dealt equally. In my culture, women are the ones who bear the brunt of the marriage as if the very institution is built solely upon their backs. Therefore, many choose to suffer in silence because admitting something is wrong is akin to admitting they are doing something wrong. In fact, suffering silently is celebrated as a measure of strength and a source of pride. It is speaking up that is weak, it is complaining that is shameful.

Perhaps that is why family law is so alluring to me—because it goes against everything subconsciously drilled into me growing up. Here is a group of strangers that are not related to you in any way but somehow you feel like trusting them. You feel that you can tell them your story and come out of it as something other than the villain.

Wanting to understand human connections is what led me to switch my undergraduate studies from Science to Psychology. The area I was particularly interested in was Social Psychology and in my Honors thesis examined the idea of self-monitoring with respect to cultural orientation—so suffice to say I love people! I was also given the amazing opportunity to serve as an Industrial-Organizational Psychology Research Assistant at Western University’s Group Experiences Lab. This sector focuses on approaches to processes that shape individuals’ experiences work groups and teams. As a part of this research team, I have been able to partake in various ambitious projects in Industrial-Organizational Psychology that have been recognized by the Canadian Psychology Association. I hope to hone the skills and knowledge I have gained from these experiences to help individuals navigate the most important organization of all—the family.

The main reason I was drawn to apply to this firm (other than the firm’s dogs’ pictures) was their very client-centric job description posting. This firm made it exceedingly clear that if you are not there for their clients, you are not a fit for their team. By this time, I had already applied to various firms and I can say not one even mentioned client care. From the get-go Z Family Law made it clear that taking care of their clients is one of very core tenets that their firm is built on and that is why I feel proud to work here. I look forward to learning all that I can from the amazing women that make up this firm and serving all our clients to the very best of my abilities.

When I am not working or too busy excessively saying “sorry” for no apparent reason (the biggest dead giveaway that I am Canadian)—I am a bookworm, an experimental cook, a chronic stress baker, and someone who is always there for you.

Welcome to Z Family Law.


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