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By Elizabeth Degi DuBois, MA and Christy A. Zlatkus, Esquire

Although she has lived in the DMV for well over a decade, Z Family Law founder Christy Zlatkus still makes a regular pilgrimage to her hometown in Pennsylvania to see one of her most trusted confidants; her hairdresser. While of course she loves visiting her parents, she makes the trek to her stylist with religious regularity because she trusts her implicitly, knows that she is an expert at her craft and that she will always deliver fabulous results—- with a generous helping of genuine interest in Christy’s life that she has come to rely on over the years.

There are dozens other family law practices within a square mile of Z Family Law’s offices, all of them chock-full of competent attorneys who have the skills to navigate court proceedings. The clients who entrust us with their cases choose us because our firm exudes the same warm camaraderie and no-nonsense dexterity that keeps Christy schlepping to her stylist.

While there are many ways to make a living in the legal field, practicing family law is what we live for.

We believe it’s important for those we work with— clients and colleagues alike— to know what we stand for. These are the tenets we live by:

  • It’s not about our wins, it’s about our impact— on the people we serve, and the field we work in.

Our measure of success is whether our clients feel supported throughout their time with our firm, and making sure our clients conclude their proceedings with the resources they need to thrive long after their time working with us has ended.

  • Family law is an extension of our personal values.

Z Family Law is a “boutique law firm”, which is a fancy way of saying we focus only on one thing. We practice family law because we live for the opportunity to strengthen the bonds between children and parents and build people up in moments when they feel their world is crumbling.

  • Don’t sugar coat.

Whether you’re facing a custody dispute, divorce, end of life decisions, or alternative family planning choices, family law matters are deeply emotional. Bracing our clients for the many challenges that lie ahead helps alleviate the fear of the unknown, and helps us reassure clients that their feelings are normal and valid and that they will find a New Normal once their matter concludes.

  • With us, it’s personal.

Genuine friendship and compassion form the bedrock of our firm culture. Our staff members are candid about the personal challenges we have faced— big breakups, divorce— because we believe that pairing legal knowledge with empathy grounds our clients in their most challenging moments.

  • Don’t mistake a Google search for a law degree.

We know family law is complex, and we take our craft seriously. We substantially contribute to the field through pro-bono work, by chairing events like the Montgomery County Bar Foundation’s Advanced Litigation Symposium and investing in our own skill set through training, conferences and other professional development work.

  • The most important people we serve are the ones we’ll never meet—- our client’s children.

Our love of families is why we chose a tree for our logo. Whether one of your tree branches is splitting and growing in two different directions through divorce, or you are growing your family through adoption or artificial reproductive technologies, we never lose sight of the need to preserve and protect family relationships so our clients’ children have stable roots as they grow.

  • We lift as we climb.

We are women entrepreneurs who have collectively spent more than three decades building our skills that allow us to serve others in the area of family law. We are committed to building up other entrepreneurs striving to be at the top of their respective fields. We work with our peers– not because they are our friends, but because they are top notch talent worth investing in.

These principles guide every decision we make and action we take. Moving forward with a family law matter means placing your family’s future in someone else’s hands, a decision that can seem overwhelming in the midst of the emotional challenges that accompany most family law proceedings. We believe giving our clients and colleagues a clear sense of what we stand for sets the tone for the kind of relationships that outlive the duration of a case, and even multiple changes in hairstyles.


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